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11 Days Post Op Inspiration VIdeo


about 2 weeks ago · I sincerely just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amount of support, guidance, honesty, respect and love I’ve received from everyone that has left me beautiful comments and prayers as I follow my new journey and my fresh start in life again after I’ve been terminally ill from 9-11 ground zero for 6 months as a first responder who lost half a lung over the past years, former Marine as I served our country proudly with 3 tours.. and since my surgery date 3/28/19 I am now down to medications from 22.. and for the first time in a few years I’m now diabetic free, insulin free, and off the prednisone that hurt me as much as it saved my life since 9/11... but now I’m on a new journey and ready to fight back some more ... goals are to fit back in my dress blues, take my daughters to a daddy daughter dance, have a beautiful wedding in a real tuxedo in a church with my wife because I wasn’t comfortable enough the first time we got married, to interact with my children, join leagues and travel teams eventually with my children and give them the childhood they deserve with their father after being legitimately bed ridden , ill dying and sick for most of their lives this far, I’m looking to make everything possible to them and create exciting memories with them!! As a family we can finally start going on vacations, go to events, dances, balls, concerts, games, and enjoy life like never before with my mom, my wife, and my 5 beautiful children!! Super stoked to see where I’ll be in 6 months and a year from now.. I’m taking control of my life and ready to live not die. I’m beating all odds against me from the 9/11 community where there’s 343 responders dying documented every 48 hours and out of 10,000 strong from 10 years ago, were down to 3400 roughly.. the depression and ptsd has been overwhelming at times... I’ve seen too many funerals, and god doesn’t want me yet, neither does the devil. I say my prayers, I go to church, I fight for my life and Dr. Teleo of LVPG General Bariatric and Trauma Surgery, and Dr Alkuja of LVPG Pulmonology, both have turned my life around! I am forever grateful for the chances I’ve been given to start over and finally feel amazing again! The energy is unbelievable. It’s nice to make love to my wife Sara Lin Hagner again and love her long time 😘😉.. my world around me is changing in ways I’ve never expected.. I actually look forward to each and every day I wake up at 3:00am, To know I was blessed with yet another day to live a little more!! I love my life! Im greatful for all my new friends in my support groups for being there with their undivided love and support .. being looked up to .. and inspiring/motivating others is what I’m amazing at.. but it’s even nicer when it’s returned.. and I can’t say thank you enough for it.. ps it’s nice to finally do the little things that for a long time i struggled with, like putting on my own shoes, socks, pants.. cleaning myself in the shower. Shaving at times, driving the car, walking up or down stairs, running the football or playing basketball or baseball with my kids.. going to the park, walking our Belgian Marino is Mona, even hunting or fishing, which I truly love has been a challenge.. my wife has been there every step of the way taking care of me along with my oldest son James Jen and my children Sari, Gianna, Niko and Ryan.. my mom even gave up her life and apartment to be there for me and my family.. the struggle was real.. and it’s all behind me now.. thank the lord!! I have so much to be grateful for!! Please follow my journey, at I love you all!! Sincerely,

James Hagner

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