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  • Sara Jacobson |

Diet Day 1 | Weight Loss Challenge 2016

On Monday the 25 of January 2016, I started my New journey again for my weight loss between getting sick Prednisone and depression I gained a lot of weight so I'm going to prove for the second time my diet works and going to change it up and I hope my friends and family enjoy watching me become fit again this has been a rough 2 years but it ended strong with a lot of blessings so I am going for another record and show my children the will power there daddy has so this year is about my Health my family and my friends love you all kicking ass and taking names it's on baby watch me drop and become fit again much love to you all for standing by me xoxoxo Sara Jacobson Dawn Sallust Siclari Susan Depaolo JC Hagner. 90 day challenge who's with me starting at 8 am this morning bring it baby💪


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