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Day 34 | 90 Day Weightloss Challenge #GoRetro

Today makes day 34 for my 90 day challenge my starting weight was 427 and my 90 day challenge weight was 418.1 I've never been more proud with my willpower and dedication I'm down to 367.6 today Go Boy much love to everyone that's been pushing me and helping me love you all xoxoxo Sara Jacobson Sara Elizabeth Susan Depaolo JC Hagner Pete Sarro and everyone at Retro Fitness Mike Sanelli Nicholas Vidal Brittney GoldsteinAlexy Bantel

James Hagner checked in to Retro Fitness of Stroudsburg, PA. 6 hrs · Stroudsburg · Leap day at the gym getting my cardio on Hope everyone has a great day Sara Jacobson JC Hagner Dawn Sallust Siclari

Killed it again

This is what I'm talking about pure determination and willpower and family backing you and friends

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