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Day 40 | 90 Day Weightloss Challenge #GoRetro

James Hagner checked in to Retro Fitness of Stroudsburg, PA. March 6 at 10:46am 路 Stroudsburg 路 Getting my cardio in and some circuit training my baby is tanning and doing a class at 11 proud of you Sara Jacobson love you xo馃挭馃挭鉂ゐ煉潳 DawDawn Sallust Siclari JC HagnersSusan Depaolo

Day 40 of the challenge looking at all that sweat proud of myself having trouble breathing this sucks

My prayers are with my fireman brother and his family. This is why I'm fighting for my life another brother down to cancer from 911 I don't want to be next in my lifetime I've flatline 3 times I'm not ready to leave 6 beautiful children my future wife my mom family and friends this is our community and if your not apart of it you would never know please always keep me in your prayers this mans family and many others over the years people forgot what destruction it has done years ago and now is still doing were all dying slowly and I don't care what people say I Want TO LIVE!

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