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Day 46 | Tractor Trailor Pull 9-11-16 at 11:00 AM | 90 Day Weightloss Challenge #GoRetro

James Hagner shared his post.


March 12 at 10:06pm ·

Hi my name is James Hagner I'm sponsored by retro fitness on 911 I'm doing a tractor pull at the gym is stroudsburg PA I'm a first responder from 911 and sick but I want to show my 6 children life isn't over and was hoping your beautiful tractor would be available that day September 11th at 11AM on that day every foot I move people are donating money to 911 families I'm trying to pull it with a harness and there will be a lot of people there from our 911 community it would mean a lot if you would like to be there and you and your tractor to participate in this emotional day I would be honored and very appreciative sincerely James C Hagner contact info cell 1-570-807-6745 email my website is I really hope you find it in your heart to one to be apart of something as special as this again thank you sir Sara Jacobson Dawn Sallust Siclari Bob Siclari Retro Fitness of Stroudsburg, PA Retro Fitness

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