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343 and counting: Three retired FDNY members with 9/11 illnesses die within 48 hours

April 7 at 4:18 AM · This really sucks.. Being on prednisone destroyed my lungs since the attacks along with my entire body. Sleeve Operation was basically one of my last hopes to heal, my self long enough to live to see my children grow olde enough to be on their own and hopefully beyond - even though i was given 3 years left to live 7 years ago and keep beating all odds medically!!! I have been to wayy too many funerals and i am hoping to motivate and inspire other first responders who are sick/dying to go for it if they have a chance to pro-long their journey in life - to just do it... I just survived triple pneumonia and a heart attack between November and January of last year 2017.. I'm lucky enough to be here today thanks to Dr. Alkuja and Dr. Gupta, Dr. Sheka and Dr. Teleo - and staff at Lehigh Valley Hospital... & St. Lukes Monroe Hospital... Here is the article written on the NY Daily News: Link to the 9-11 article: Click Here

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