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First workout since surgery!

James Hagner checked in to Retro Fitness.

April 8 at 6:50 PM · Stroudsburg ·

First workout at the gym since the surgery I’m very proud of myself love you Sara Lin Hagner and James Christopher Hagner Jr. (Juna) going with me ❤️🙏💪💪💪

Retro Fitness Gym/Physical Fitness Center118 Pencil Ln, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18360


Sara Lin Hagner Hellll yeahhh first day back and 11 days post op and you’re doing amazing sexy!!! Keep it up!! So happy you’re back at retro already 🙏😘❤️💋💯💯💯💯💯

James Hagner Sara Lin Hagner did 2 miles baby 💪❤️

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