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Proud after everything I’ve been through this year

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

and extremely proud of not being on Prednisone almost 6 months of it not being in my body from 420 to 349 and that’s from eating right and walking taking it slow so the weight doesn’t come back again I’m going to still have the sleeve operation in February to protect myself so I don’t blow up if need be to go back on Prednisone to stay alive it’s taking a toll on my heart after having a heart attack in January and a stent put in me with pneumonia in three places of my lung I’m seriously truly blessed to have the lord in my life and my family and friends with there prayers can’t wait to be 225 by summer that’s my goal so after thanksgiving going to hit the gym slowly cause I have nothing to prove to no one but my children beautiful wife Sara Lin Hagner and my amazing mom Susan Depaolo can’t wait to hit Retro again 💪👍

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