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On September 11, 2016 James Hagner pulled a 36,000 lbs tractor trailer, rolling memorial 9/11 - 300' in one day with rock climbing shoes and a harness. Those who didn't believe in him, were standing in awe!
3,000+ people gathered from the event on even
more on the internet watched it live.
It was a proud moment!
James Hagner started the Retro Fitness 90 Day Challenge in Stroudsburg, PA on
January 27, 2016 weighing 418.1lbs. As of April 26, 2016 he weighed in at 300lbs. He's been training with Pete Sarro at the gym.

Prior to the challenge on January 25, 2016 he weighed 427.6 in which he did a cleanse to start the weight loss progress. His diet and routine is available on his
"I Broke My Own World Record"
with lungs of a 92 year old.
Was a First Responder in 9/11.
178 lbs Lost in 1 Year During 2013
"I Broke My Own World Record"
with lungs of a 92 year old.
Was a First Responder in 9/11.

I am 44 years old as of September 25 2015. I've been disabled since age 36. I have 6 children Jasmine, James Jr, Sari, Gianna, Niko and little Ryan. I can't imagine living a day without them. I am a Mom & a Dad to all my children. I'm very blessed to have all my children with the love & support from my Mom Suzanne DePaolo, my Aunt Dorothy Wattson and my Beautiful Wife Sara Hagner. I'm a first responder from 9/11. I endured a diabetic coma back on May 28th, 2013 weighing 409lbs. When I recieved my results I was shocked to hear the news. I had the lungs of a 92 year old. For being a first rsponder of 9/11, and a tier 4... I was only given 2 years to live, especially with the way things were going.

So, I started my diet & working out on June 1st 2013. 6 Months later, my weight loss was 144 lbs in just 6 months. I lost 107 lbs in 119 days which broke my own world Record. Everything was done naturally without surgery. My determination & combination of will power made it possible. My family is my support group, which wills my inspiration to stay alive and they keep me going.


Since this happend I am very blessed to be a proud Catholic, with the lord in my life. I have accomplished and exceeded my weight loss goals, and want to help inspire others to keep going..

Long story short I weight 427.6 lbs as of 1-25-2016 due to depression, being sick from 9-11 dealing with prednisone, and life's challenges. However I am well on my way to my 2016 - 90 Day Challenge with Retro Fitness Trainer Jule Cook in Stroudsburg, PA. Everyone watched me lose weight once, watch me do it again.


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