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  • Sara Jacobson |

9-11 Strong Man James Hagner Tractor Trailer Pull at ESU Flyer

I want to thank my love Sara Jacobson for making this beautiful flyer for me this event means everything to me and hopefully to many other's for all Responders who sacrificed their lives on 911 and who are still going through Hell today for being there cause of what we all endured for being at the site I want to show that life isn't over cause I know first hand with all my illnesses for being down at ground zero for 43 days and many others that were there also that have the same problems like I do with breathing depression weight gain and many other problems I hope you will share this event all over and NEVER FORGET that we as Americans came together as one and hopefully we can do it again❤️ I have come along way in the last 4 months and I'm extremely grateful for my loving Family and friends and my Gym family from RetroFitness who help me save my life my trainer pete Sarro but most of all my God who I love dearly #GoRetro #RF90Day #RetroResults #RetroSuccess #RetroFitness #RetroFam #RetroRockstarsEndFragment

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