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Day 3 Post Sleeve Operation Update!!!

Jamie wrote this to everyone below in the comments ... “Hey everyone much love to you all this hasn’t been that easy but nothing in my life was ever easy love you all so much for the thoughts and prayers much love to everyone xox ❤️❤️❤️❤️” James Hagner

Day 3 Post Sleeve Operation Update!!! My honey was up most of the night.. due to side effects he stopped taking the pain meds every hour 1/2 way through day 2.. even the “booster” shots... they take his breathe away for acouple minutes then, he gets an incredible amount of gas and up his pain scale for the first 10-20 minutes after the shots....and make him nauseous so he’s been taking everything through the IV .. Pain Meds, GasX, IV Bag for Hydration.. he’s been taking his Blood Pressure meds orally since Day 1.. This morning he started taking gas x orally too.. he’s been up going to the bathroom on his own since Day 2.. he’s been walking since Day 2. This morning at 4:30 he got up and went for a his Pocono 500 lap around the 4th floor and he did amazing!! His pain scale is reducing since yesterday.. His worst problem is getting comfortable every 10-20 minutes.. he actually wants to go home today.. we’ll see what Doc says about that 🙏🥰💋💯 He is doing the best he can, and I’m beyond proud of him! There’s been moments he’s joked but almost seriously with the nurses asking to reverse the surgery.. he’s doing wayyyy better today.. then yesterday.. he noticed if he drinks just a little to big of a sip of water he gets nauseous and more pain in his belly.. then more gas.. he’s been walking a lot for the past2 days... sitting up on his own mostly unassisted since yesterday.. he wants to go home soon so we’ll see what happens today! Fingers crossed doc clears him and he’s ready to return home.. xoxoxo 😘💯🙏 I love you Jamie!!! You’re an inspiration to so many wonderful and amazing people! You got this sexy ❤️💯🥰😘

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I’m sure that you probably know this... but I just found out that using straws causes gas! You take in air with every sip.

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