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Day 42 | 90 Day Weightloss Challenge #GoRetro

James Hagner added 2 new photos — with Kathy Meckes and 40 others. 1 hr · Stroudsburg · Day 42 down to 355.2 my goal by Friday my 45 day weigh in is to be 348 I'm training harder everyday I'm doing my diet and not cheating I'm putting the effort in NO ONE is claiming that and I'm making sure of its all me and the beautiful people in the gym inspiring me and helping me its my Diet that made this happen and hard work I was on oxygen last night til I went to the gym cause I can't breathe cause I'm sick so if there are people who have a problem please keep your attitude to yourself cause it's starting to get on my nerves certain people act like there doing me a favor to benefit themselves so to all my friends and family and my new gym family I love you and thank you for standing by me through my journey 💪💪💪💪💪💪

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